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Diversity Consortium at BSU

The Leading for Change Higher Education Diversity Consortium is a voluntary collaboration of higher education institutions in Massachusetts and New England committed to identifying student and employee diversity best practices through uniform and transparent use of data, institutional benchmarks and reflective practice. Experts from Bridgewater State University, Emerson College, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bristol Community College and Harvard University have worked together to identify student and employee benchmarks for success in higher education. The consortium’s benchmarks were unveiled at the June 11, 2014 Leading for Change Conference at Bridgewater State University. Public and private institutions are invited to join the consortium.

The consortium will create both short-term and longer-term outcomes that will benefit higher education students, employees and community members in the region.

Participating institutions will gather the data regarding the success in reaching diversity goals in the same manner.

Participating institutions will share how they achieved their diversity benchmark results in order to help identify diversity best practices.