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Housing Costs

Cost of Attending

Housing Costs

This page details the costs of living for on-campus housing. A complete list of fees and the refund policy are available in the Student Handbook.

Per SemesterPer Year
Residence HallsSingle RoomStandard RoomSingle RoomStandard Room
Crimson Hall$3,920$3,570$7,840$7,140
East Hall$3,830$3,535$7,660$7,070
Great Hill Apts.$4,070$3,920$8,140$7,840
Miles/DiNardo Halls$3,655$3,505$7,310$7,010
Pope Hall$3,520$3,370$7,040$6,740
Scott Hall$3,520$3,370$7,040$6,740
Shea/Durgin Halls$3,520$3,370$7,040$6,740
Weygand Hall$3,920$3,675$7,840$7,350
Woodward Hall$3,520$3,370$7,040$6,740