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Application requirements and deadlines vary depending on an applicant’s status and program of choice. Please explore the information below for additional details.

Freshman Applicants

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Freshman candidates for admission should complete a secondary school course of study (or equivalent) which includes the following college preparatory units:

  • Four courses of English
  • Four courses of Mathematics (Algebra I & II and Geometry or Trigonometry or comparable coursework)
  • Three courses of Sciences (from Natural Science and/or Physical Science and/or Technology/Engineering, including 2 courses with laboratory work)
  • Two courses of Social Sciences (including one course in U.S. History)
  • Two courses of the same foreign language
  • Two college preparatory elective courses (from the above subjects or from the Arts & Humanities or Computer Sciences)

Freshman applicants must also submit the results of the SAT I: Reasoning Test or the ACT. Students whose native language is not English may submit the TOEFL or the SAT II English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT). Interviews are not required; however, students are encouraged to attend one of the Information Sessions we offer throughout the year.

  • Fall semester applications are due February 15. Notification of the admission decision will be mailed by April 15.
  • January admission applications are due November 1

We require all full-time freshmen students to have a notebook computer .

Bridgewater State University follows the admissions standards as outlined by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

Early Action

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To apply under the Early Action Program, an applicant must take the SAT I or ACT on or before the November test dates and must have the application complete and transcripts on file in our Admission Office by November 15. Early Action applicants are notified of the admission decision by mid-December. Applicants are either offered admission, denied admission, or the decision is deferred and the application is reviewed again during the Regular Decision process in the spring. Freshmen offered admission under the Early Action Program have until the May 1 Candidates Reply Date to respond to our offer.

Transfer Applicants

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Transfer applicants work with Bridgewater to transfer college credits and establish the correct academic status upon admission. Transfer students may begin in the fall or in January. Transfer applicants are evaluated on the basis of their previous college work and must provide an official transcript from each college attended. To be eligible for admission, transfer students must have earned one of the following:

  • 12 or more transferable college credits and a 2.5 college GPA or
  • 24 transferable college credits and a 2.0 GPA
  • Second Degree Option: You may be admitted to the college to pursue an additional bachelor's degree in a field of study substantially different from your initial degree program if you have earned a bachelor's degree at Bridgewater State University or at another accredited institution. Note: Second bachelor degree candidates are subject to transfer admission deadlines. More information on completing a second bachelor's degree can be found in the university catalog under Undergraduate Admissions.

Please note that these are minimum grade point averages and do not guarantee admission. Transfer candidates that do not meet the above guidelines are evaluated on the basis of the freshmen requisites and are required to submit their high school transcripts and standardized test scores, if applicable.

Transcripts must be sent DIRECTLY from your previous college(s) addressed to the OFFICE OF ADMISSION, Bridgewater State University, 40 Cedar Street, Bridgewater, MA 02325.

  • To apply for the fall semester the priority deadline is August 1, to apply for the spring semester, the priority deadline is November 1. Applications are accepted after the deadline on a space available basis.

Most courses are acceptable in transfer from accredited two- and four-year institutions. If the courses do not satisfy specific subject requirements at Bridgewater, they will be accepted for elective course credit. A minimum grade of C- is necessary for the transfer of credit. For access to information on how credit from your home institution will transfer to Bridgewater State University, visit: B.E.A.R.S (Bridgewater Equivalency and Articulation Report System).

At least one half of a student's academic major as well as a minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed at Bridgewater. All students are required to fill the Core Curriculum.

All transfer students are required to have a notebook computer.

Transfer applicants who would like additional information about the transfer process are encouraged to visit our Transfer Central.

Students may also transfer to Bridgewater State University from a collaboration of institutions that participate in the CONNECT program. CONNECT is a partnership of public higher education institutions in Southeastern Massachusetts, including Bridgewater State University, Bristol Community College, Cape Cod Community College, Massasoit Community College, and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. One of CONNECT's primary missions is to ease the transfer process for students among the participating institutions.

MassTransfer Program

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If you are transferring from one Massachusetts public higher education institution to another, the new MassTransfer program makes the process easier. 

MassTransfer has two main purposes:

  • To provide community college students who complete associate degrees and enroll in linked MassTransfer Programs with full transfer of credit, guaranteed admission, and a tuition discount (each based on final GPA); and
  • To provide any student in the Massachusetts public higher education system who completes the MassTransfer Block the benefit of satisfying the core (general education) requirements at any other public higher education institution, with the receiving institution able to add no more than six additional credits or two courses.

The MassTransfer Block refers to a set of core (general education ) requirements, consisting of 34 college-level credits. These credits, when completed together with a 2.0 or higher GPA, fully transfer to any Massachusetts public higher education institution, even if you don't have your associate's degree. These credits also satisfy the core (general education) requirements at any other Massachusetts public higher education institution, with the receiving institution being able to add no more than six additional credits/two courses.

For participants in the MassTransfer program, the Bridgewater State University application fee is waived. For additional information on this program, please visit the MassTransfer section on Transfer Central at

BSU Cape Cod

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For students interested in the Early Childhood Education, Early Education and Care (Pre-K) (Non-Public School Licensure) or the Strategic Communication Concentration baccalaureate degree completion program at our BSU Cape Cod site in Yarmouth.

Students may mix day, evening and online courses at any BSU location in pursuit of a degree program.

Continuing Studies

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For students interested in completing a degree in the evening, Bridgewater offers the following evening baccalaureate degree completion programs: Accounting & Finance, Art, Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Management, Psychology, Sociology and Special Education (Teachers of Students with Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8 or 5-12) concentration.

Students may mix day, evening and Distance Education courses in pursuit of a degree program.

International Students

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Bridgewater welcomes international applicants and recommends that international students begin the application process at least eight months prior to the semester for which they are applying.

International students should submit an Affidavit of Financial Support Form in addition to the Undergraduate Admission Application. Students are asked to submit official transcripts and credentials in English. Students for whom English is a second language must submit results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and results of the SAT I: Reasoning Test or the ACT. Financial assistance is not available for international students through Bridgewater.

Downloadable International Admissions Application Information Form (pdf)
Affidavit of Financial Support Form (pdf)
Health Mandate Form (pdf)


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Former Bridgewater students who were separated from the college because of academic deficiency must reapply through the Office of Admission. Official transcripts of any course work attempted after leaving Bridgewater must be provided. The deadline for re-application is December 1 for the spring semester and June 1 for the fall semester.


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This application is required of all previously enrolled undergraduate students seeking to re-enroll who have not enrolled in a course at Bridgewater State University for one academic year or longer (three consecutive terms including the summer session). Students who have been academically separated cannot submit this application, but instead MUST submit the “Application for Readmission”.

Non-Degree Applicants

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This completed application is required of all students who wish to enroll at Bridgewater State University as a NEW Non-Degree student .

WHO SHOULD FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION? If you: a) have NEVER attended BSU or have NOT attended BSU since the 1980s; b) have NEVER applied for admission to BSU, this application is required prior to your first registration.

NOTE: Students who fall into one of these categories and have taken a course at BSU in the past but who are not currently enrolled must instead complete an application for Reinstatement. New students seeking to earn a BSU degree must apply for admission online as a degree-seeking candidate at .