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Bridgewater's trajectory excellence has endured since the time of its founding in 1840 as one of the first normal schools in America. Now a premier public university of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the community of students, faculty, staff and volunteers who propel Bridgewater State University ever forward is united behind a common vision and purpose. These values are embodied in the five overarching goals of the university's strategic plan - a beacon of opportunity during the best of times, one of invaluable clarity during moments of challenge.


Bolstering Our Intellectual Horsepower

Fully committed, full time faculty are at the heart of any great institution of higher learning. Over the past decade, no public institution in the Commonwealth has hired more. And among the largest colleges and universities in Massachusetts, no institution has expanded its faculty ranks at a more prolific rate.

Excellence in High Demand

More people than ever before call Bridgewater State University home. Student enrollments have surged 27% over the past decade. More impressive is the success of Bridgewater's students at every level and hailing from all walks of life. The University's Academic Achievement Center, lauded by the Department of Education as an exemplary statewide model, offers tremendous support - and personalized attention - to students making the transition to higher education. The impact has been palpable.

Leveraging the Public's Investment to the Hilt

Innovation. Determination. Transformation. These are the hallmark's of Bridgewater's Trajectory of Excellence. By any measure, we continue to offer an impressive return on the Commonwealth's investment. Economic uncertainty and the unpredictability of state support makes us work harder and smarter for fulfill our promise to the public. We wear this as a badge of honor. Imagine the return for Massachusetts, however, if some of the burden of today's students could be lifted.

Idyllic and Invigorating

Forward thinking, careful planning and relentless energy have allowed Bridgewater to invest nearly $300 million in an unparalleled program of construction, renovation and renewal over the past decade. The result: a campus environment that is as welcoming as it is beautiful.

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