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Ellyn Robinson - Winning the Battle

Dr. Ellyn Robinson, a Bridgewater graduate and professor of exercise physiology, has taught at BSU since 1999 and has served hundreds of BSU athletes as a role model and coach. Since 2006, she has earned nearly 20 gold medals in national and international masters-level weightlifting competitions – even after being diagnosed with melanoma and breast cancer.

After completing her eighth surgery in 2010, Dr. Robinson was told by doctors she shouldn’t lift anything heavier than a bag of groceries for the rest of her life. Yet she never stopped training, sometimes with stitches still in. Thirteen months after a radical mastectomy, she won another gold medal in a national weightlifting competition in Georgia and broke multiple records for New England-based athletes.

She then traveled with Team USA to Cyprus, where she won the silver medal at the World Masters Weightlifting Championships, and visited London, where she was chosen out of all the coaches in the nation to represent the United States at the London Olympics test event.

“I want to feel like an athlete, not like a cancer patient,” Robinson says. “It was very emotional getting back out there. But it made me feel emotionally strong as well as physically strong. In some ways, I feel stronger than before. Things like cancer happen in life, and it isn’t the end of the world. I have cancer – but cancer doesn’t have me.”