Each year, the Minnock Center and the University present an on-campus series of remarkable speakers who are experts on foreign relations. Our goal is to broaden the knowledge and perspective of our community while exploring the key international and global issues of our time.

Speakers in 2013 included Razia Jan, founder of the Kabuli Education Center in Afghanistan; Padraig O’Malley, UMass Moakley Professor of Peace and Reconciliation; The Honorable Kangho Park, Korean Consul General in Boston; and Margaret Scobey, retired U.S. Ambassador to Syria. Discussion topics ranged from the Obama administration’s foreign policy to diplomacy in the Middle East, the education of girls in Afghanistan, and the challenges faced by Korea today.

Honoring John Quincy Adams

Along with Horace Mann and Daniel Webster, John Quincy Adams was a founder of Bridgewater State University in 1840. Three-time Secretary of State and the sixth President of our nation, he was one of our most brilliant diplomats and accomplished strategic thinkers. He served as Ambassador to Russia, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, and he wrote and negotiated the Treaty of Ghent, ending the War of 1812. For more than a century, his Monroe Doctrine (drafted with President James Monroe) helped protect the Western hemisphere against European interference or colonization