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March 21, 2014

Bridgewater State University’s staff from Student Affairs, Information Technology, University News, and the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership will host the third annual Social Media Week, which will be held March 24-27.

“I want to encourage students, staff and faculty to continue to utilize social media, while illustrating the value and flexibility of the various platforms from Facebook to Vine,” said Michelle Hacunda, digital content specialist in BSU’s University News.

This four-day event will help students and faculty expand their knowledge on how to use social media sites for personal, educational and business uses. Educational sessions, information booths, an Instagram challenge, and free profile photos are a few of the week’s main features.

The week will center on an ever-expanding component of modern life, said Ed Cabellon, director of the Rondileau Campus Center.  “Our goal is to raise awareness because of how dominant social media is in our culture,” he said

Monday will focus on personal use of social media sites.  This will be geared toward beginning users of social media. Booths in the ECC and RCC will be set up to give general information. Staff will be available for questions and for those who need help setting up social media sites.

Tuesday will focus on moving away from personal use and toward teaching how social media is incorporated in business. Mr. Cabellon will lead a workshop, “Using Social Media for Marketing Purposes,” which will be held from 9 to 10 a.m. in the library.

“The biggest question to ask people is how are you using social media? If its only personal we would like to ask them to join us to explore more uses of social media,” said Mr. Cabellon

Wednesday the goal will be to will educate people on building a personal brand. Students and faculty will discover how social media can help them make professional connections.

Thursday will focus on how to use social media in the classroom. Mr. Cabellon added that this will help make class more interesting for their students. 

“Social media provides new ways for people to communicate, share information, socialize, and collaborate. Through holding events during a four-day span, we are able to show the campus how social media is greatly changing the college experience,” said Ms. Hacunda.

She added that an Instagram challenge will be conducted every day during social media week. Photos will be judged by student affairs and a prize pack will be given to the winner each day.

Ms. Hacunda said social media can be a bridge between students and the institution.

“We hope to eliminate any intimidation that students may feel when interacting with the university,” she said. (Story by student Caitlin Seddon, University News)