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April 17, 2012

A group of Bridgewater State students from the Student Education Association for Massachusetts, along with Professor Nancy Witherell of the elementary and early education department, spent a day at the Mulcahey Elementary School in Taunton painting and revitalizing the exterior of the facility.

The volunteer project included the painting of a so-called "peaceful playground" and general landscaping around the school.

The statewide initiative, called "Outreach to Teach," was funded by a $1,000 grant from the National Education Association.

Taunton Mayor Tom Hoye also joined in.


Joining BSU students and alumni and some family members were volunteers from Westfield State University, Nichols College and Stop & Shop.

Participating on behalf of BSU were Anna Matys, Camille Schulman, Taryn Lagarto, Alaina Primeau, Kathryn Bolduc, Kelly Driscoll, Melanie Mitchell, Emily Harrington, Sara Kolbeck, Laura Kolbeck, Sarah Freudenberg, Kayla Medeiros, Julie Wells, Kimberly Frisoli, Nicole Lynch,Mercedes Harris, John Sugrue, Kayleigh Nieuwenhuis, Jaime Gingras, Lisa Cabral, Matthew Greenstein, Nicole Hire, Meaghan Medeiros, Professor Nancy Witherell, Alyssa Gracia, Matt Haggerty , Anne Bolduc, Robin Kolbeck, John Freudenberg and Catherine Freudenberg.


A photo slideshow of the clean-up effort.

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