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August 16, 2013

For the better part of a decade, BSU students, led by anthropology Professor Curtiss Hoffman, have been engaged in some important archeological work at a site near the Little League field in Middleboro.

The students of BSU’s Archeological Summer Field School dig, sift, examine artifacts and record their finds throughout the summer semester. The findings contribute the growing base of knowledge connected to Native American prehistory in the region.

Dr. Hoffman said Native Americans have lived at this site, which is adjacent to the Nemasket River, for approximately 8,000 years. “It’s a natural transportation highway,” he said, adding that it connects to the Taunton River.

The Native Americans camped at the site and collected objects used in their ceremonies.

“This is just fantastic to see the students at work at this site,” said Dr. Paul Krebs, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, during a recent visit to the site. “They’re doing work that helps the community understand the history of the region. (Story and photos by John Winters, G ’11; Vine by Michell Hacunda, ’12; video by Michelle Hacunda and Shawn Finn, ’13, University News)