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June 17, 2014

The 17th annual Watershed Access Laboratory Project Seminar brought to campus area teachers and teams of students to presenting the results of their watershed investigations on land use and water quality.  

The participants were treated to opening and closing remarks from Kim McCoy, assistant director of the Watershed Access Lab, which is operated as part of BSU’s Center for the Adancement of . She highlighted some of the program’s accomplishments since its inception in 1997. These included: participation in the program of 90 teachers and at least 2,275 middle and high school students from across the region, 250 teachers trained during environmental workshops, and the promotion of conservation.

Also as part of the program, Dr. Jennifer Mendell, assistant professor of biology, discussed the lack of drinking water in Cambodia and some of the research she and her student have conducted there.

The Watershed Access Lab One Day Project Seminar has been generously supported through a grant from Raytheon Company, an Improving Teacher Quality Professional Development Grant from the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, the National Science Foundation and in-kind contributions from Bridgewater State University.

Below is a selection of videos from this year’s event, including Ms. McCoy’s opening remarks, Dr. Mendell’s talk, as well as student presentations. (Story by John Winters, G ’11, University News; Videos by TVS)

Welcome to the Watershed Access Laboratory (Ms. McCoy)

Cambodia, Kingdom of Water... or is it? (Dr. Mendell)

The Agawam River - A Healthier River System 10 Years Later (St. Margaret’s Regional)

Rumford River EXStream Ecology (Mansfield High School)

Runnins River and Burr's Pond 2013 (Seekonk High School)

Runnins River Biosurvey 2013SY (Seekonk High School II)

Water Analysis of Abbott Run (North Attleboro High School)