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April 18, 2014

Once again, BSU hosted the Math Kangaroo event, bringing to campus young students from across the region for the international competition designed to help students develop their skills and enjoy mathematics.

The Math Kangaroo is a competition for students in grades 1 through twelve, held each year around the world on the third Thursday in March, which takes the form of a multiple-choice test. The atmosphere is fun and encouraging, much more fun and less stressful than MCAS.

The heart of the competition is the 75-minute multiple-choice test. There are 24 questions for students in grades one through four, and 30 for grades five and up. The students work independently and their test is scored; in May, gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded, along with grants and other prizes to the top placing participants. Each student also gets a T-shirt, a certificate and other gifts, to make sure everyone feels like they’ve earned something. (Photos by student Shane Lamarre)

Some partcipants at this year's Math Kangaroo at BSU