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April 23, 2012

Five students presented their work at the seventh-annual Undergraduate Research Symposium presented by the Anthropology Department. Graduating seniors and others were also honored.

"The event is designed to showcase the work our students have been doing all year and to allow newer anthropology majors to consider directions they may want to go," said Dr. Ellen Ingmanson, associate professor of anthropology.

Presenters and their projects were Cory Fournier, "Locational Analysis of Sacred Sites in Southern New England"; Helen Silkonis, "One with the Land: An Exploration of Environmental Perspectives of Native American Tribes of Southern New England"; Caitlin Fitzgerald, "When Skulls Speak to Us"; Mara Smith, "Magic Circle"; and Ryan Jake Hall, "GIS Analysis of Site Locations around Plymouth, Massachusetts."

Honor award recipients were Ms. Fitzgerald, Sarah J. Manteiga and Helen M. Silkonis. The graduating seniors who were recognized at the event were: Courtney M. Abdou, Jessica L. Chmielorz, Caitlin A. Fitzgerald, Mr. Hall, Jade S. Kluver[/b], Hallie J. Leonard, Ms. Manteiga, Michael Nelson, Kaitlyn G. Owen, Ms. Silkonis, Ms. Smith, Joshua Stanley, Chelsea C. Talcott and Krystal C. Vezina.

For a full description of each presenter's project, see the attachment below. (Photos by Doris Galli, '13, University Advancement)

Seventh-Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium program
The student presenters, left to right: Jake Ryan Hall, Helen Silkonis, Mara Smith, Caitlin Fitzgerald and Cory Fournier
Anthropology Professors Ingmanson, Faiman-Silva, Badiane and Hoffman

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