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June 10, 2014

Fifteen members of the BSU community who retired this year were honored at the annual appreciation luncheon. On hand in the Dunn Conference Center to celebrate their years of service to the institution was an audience of more than 100, including several dozen retired faculty and staff members.

Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria, president of the university, delivered welcoming remarks and said: “Often times, successes at institutions such as Bridgewater are attributed to presidents or others in leadership capacities. However, the reality about all of this is that this is simply not true. Any institution, any organization, that has earned great respect is because it has a depth of vision and commitment of people across the organization who make the difference, and that’s what happened at this campus.”

The president reflected on his 23 years at BSU and how he interacted with each of the honorees over that time.

“It is you – all of you – who have shaped this Bridgewater that we have today,” he said. “Without the work that you have done, we would not be where we are, no matter who was the president. What matters is all of your hard work and all of your commitment, much of which is unknown to the public at large. But I know how much of a debt we owe you and I know how grateful this entire university is to you.”

Dr. Howard London, provost and vice president for academic affairs, introduced the retirees from his division:

Kendra St. Aubin, head of collections and acquisitions;

Carol Pierce, office of admissions; 

Dr. Arthur Dirks, professor emeritus of theater arts; 

Dr. Roger Dunn, professor emeritus of art; 

Dr. Sandra Faiman Silva, professor emerita of sociology; 

Dr. Ruth Hannon, professor emerita of psychology; 

Dr. Evelyn Pezzulich, professor emerita of English; 

Dr. Lidia Silveira, professor emerita of special education.

Dr. Jason Pina, vice president of student affairs, introduced Kathleen Candeias, a nurse in the health services office.

Keri Powers, associate vice president for human resources, introduced Dorothy Grosswendt.

Dr. Brenda Molife, vice president for university advancement, introduced Dr. Alan Comedy, assistant to the president for affirmative action.

Miguel Gomes, vice president for administration and finance, introduced Suzanne Hickey, student loan officer;

Barbara Russek, student accounts

Michael Ponte, mechanic on the facilities staff;

Deanne Farino, reproductive service supervisor.

Pictured in windown, Roger Dunn with President Mohler-Faria. (Story and photos by David K. Wilson, ’71, University News)

Dr. Evelyn Pezzulich, Department of English
Dorothy Grosswendt, Office of Human Resources
Dr. Arthur Dirks, Department of Theatre Arts
Suzanne Hickey, Federal Perkins Student Loan Officer