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February 25, 2013

Her candidate may not have come out on top in the presidential election, but Marissa Akers emerged from the campaign of 2012 a true winner.
As an intern with Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, the graduate student learned much about our political process and along the way may have discovered her life’s passion.
“I feel like a completely different person now,” said the Grafton native, who now lives in Attleboro.
In May, Ms. Akers will earn her master’s of business administration degree, with a concentration in management. She signed on in July 2012 to volunteer for the Republican nominee’s campaign, hoping to play a part in history, and was ultimately hired.
“I love politics, especially during an election year,” she said. “This was the most important election of our life and I wanted to play a part in it and to help restore our country.”
Soon after reporting for duty to Gov. Romney’s Boston headquarters, Ms. Akers found herself appointed the sole intern working for the candidate’s wife, Ann. Her main duties consisted of managing Mrs. Romney’s correspondence, assisting the governor with various projects, and going on the road to work at campaign events.
“Going on the road for the first time and walking into rallies with the governor and seeing how much energy people had and how many people believed in him and what he stood for, I’ll never forget that,” she said. “It’s invigorating.”
Ms. Akers is already at work for another candidate, and has her sights set after graduation on a job in D.C.
“I’d done internships in the private sector and really never found anything that I loved,” she said. “Once I took this position, I loved every single second of it.” (Story and photo by John Winters, G ’11, University Advancement)

(Left to Right) Governor Mitt Romney and Marissa Akers