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Welcome: Dr. Pamela Witcher

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April 4, 2013

BSU recently welcomed Dr. Pamela Witcher as associate provost of faculty affairs. She comes to Bridgewater from the University of Maryland University College, where she served as director of faculty development programs in the Center for Teaching and Learning. Dr. Witcher brings to BSU a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to teaching and research excellence, as an educator, facilitator, and administrator.
Q: Describe your role/job/duties. Do you have a favorite part of the job?
A: As associate provost of faculty affairs, my role is to advocate, facilitate, and support a positive work experience for our faculty and librarians. This focus includes all – whether they are part-time or full-time, tenured or tenure-track, starting their academic career or are in the middle of it or moving toward the end of it. Student success is grounded in our faculty and librarians sharing their energy, knowledge, experience and passion for teaching, learning, and research.  They are committed to serving our students, and I – along with the provost, president and other administrative staff – are committed to serving them.
Q: What is your favorite thing about BSU?
A: I knew from the moment I came to BSU that this was a place that offered opportunity to everyone. Every person on this campus is valued no matter what status they hold. The genuine care and attention placed on personal growth is palpable and is more than a mission statement. The commitment is evident and while there no such thing as a perfect place to work and learn, BSU stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Q: What is your biggest goal for the upcoming year?
A: Coming from a different state university system, my main goal is to learn about BSU – its faculty, students, staff, and programs – and see where I can contribute my insights, energies, and ideas. I am committed to upholding the strong educational standards that exist here for all students and faculty. Above all, I want to help everyone recognize and celebrate the efforts that make BSU great. 
Q: What do you think the biggest issues are that students face?
A: I think the biggest issues that students face are the same that faculty and staff face these days. I think it's staying hopeful and acting positively in spite of the negativity and challenging times and events around us. Therefore, students need to explore and define their sense of self and claim their purpose in life. With hope and determination to learn and achieve, students will make this world a better place.
Q: What advice do you have for incoming students? Graduating students?
A: Incoming students:  BSU is a safe and unique environment in which to learn about yourself and the world, to inspire and serve others, and to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself at this time. Be bold and dig deeper into what interests you and be open to finding new interests and learning from others. You can do it – by choosing to come here, you’ve already taken the first step. Bravo! As for graduating students:  You’ve done it. You've learned and are more informed and insightful about yourself and the world around you. You now have goals for the next chapters in your life. To achieve them, continue to be bold and dig deeper into what interests you and be open to finding new interests and learning from others.  Help others achieve their dreams and goals.  To quote Gandhi, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ (Photo submitted, interview by Stacy Moskos Nistendirk, University Advancement)

Dr. Pamela Witcher