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What's in the Water?

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October 15, 2012

Last month, 123 students in the General Ecology course set out on Bridgewater’s Carver Pond to conduct hands-on research. The annual field lab excursion saw students canoe into the local waters and take on the role of environmental protection researchers.

In the words of biology Professor Kevin Curry who designed the lab: “We are trying to determine habitat preferences of zooplankton during the day to see if they prefer water lily habitat over the open water area and if they have a preference for shallow water or deeper water within these two habitats. Other researchers have found that some zooplankton move vertically in the water column or away from the shore line during the day to avoid visual predators.”

After sampling at Carver Pond, students identify types of zooplankton and count the number of organisms from each sample site once back in the lab.


A photo montage of some of the students conducting field research.