Jennifer Ashley, '14

Master of Athletic Training

"Pedaling" Ideas Across Campus

Jennifer Ashley of Columbus, Ind., is pursuing her master’s degree in athletic training. Her research project, "Feasibility of a Bike Share Program at BSU," looks at the viability of bike sharing as a form of alternative transportation on campus. “I love the sustainability and the physical aspects of cycling,” she said. “This project is incredibly timely with the uncertain global economy. It would be great for our campus community to have environmental friendly transportation."

Part of Jenn’s methodology included traveling to other local campuses that already use alternative modes of transportation, where she conducted interviews to gather information that would aid in her creation of various models that could be applied at BSU. She also created a survey that was disseminated on the BSU campus. Her findings? "It's definitely possible," she reports. "Ninety-percent of the students surveyed want access to bikes for use [around campus]."

Jennifer was mentored by two BSU faculty members, Drs. Pamela Russell and Tom Wu, both of the Movement Arts, Health Promotion and Leisure Studies Department. As an avid bicyclist herself, Dr. Russell was enthusiastic about the project and fully supportive of a bike share program on campus. Dr. Tom Wu elaborates on the importance of Jen's research: “This project has a significant impact to us because it can reduce the CO2 pollution and promote physical activity at the same time." Dr. Wu's own research interests deal with sports biomechanics and tie in nicely with Jen's research. He adds, "If in the future we are able to implement a bike sharing program at BSU and we have many faculty members and students participating in the program, we can then begin to evaluate people's mechanics on riding a bike. Perhaps we can then educate people on how to ride a bike more efficiently, and even attempt to design a bike that is more ergonomically- friendly.”

No matter what the final impact of the project, it’s clear that Jenn contributed a big piece of the puzzle. She presented her research at the 2011 ATP Summer Symposium.