Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (ICEI)

ICEI Students on Boyden steps

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The ICEI program at Bridgewater State University is a fully-inclusive postsecondary program for young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Students in the BSU ICEI program share the same experiences as their college-aged peers in the areas of academics, socialization, career development, and independent living. With supports in place, our ICEI students enroll in courses, take part in campus internships, and socialize with peers. This effort at Bridgewater State University has been tremendously successful; students have become more independent and actively engaged in creating and living their lives. Our program honors their dignity and worth, and fosters self-determination.

Student in the classroom

Bridgewater State University ICEI students enroll in college courses alongside other BSU students.

Career guidance for ICEI student

Bridgewater State University ICEI students work on their own career goals through weekly career check-in meetings, monthly career workshops, and individualized campus internships.

Social interactivity for ICEI students

Students in Bridgewater State University’s ICEI Program enjoy full social lives on campus, getting involved in clubs, activities, and service projects.

Students viewing bulletin board inside residence hall.

Eligible Bridgewater State University ICEI students have the option to live on campus in residence halls alongside their peers. 

Peer Mentoring

Students in Bridgewater State University’s ICEI program benefit from connecting with BSU Peer Mentors.

BSU students walk down hallway

We partner with high school districts who support transition-aged students interested in attending a college program.

ICEI student giving poster presentation

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about the ICEI program.

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ICEI staff contact information