ICEI Academics

Students in the classroom

ICEI students may enroll in any BSU course without prerequisites. Using a Person-Centered Planning approach, ICEI staff help students identify personal interests and career goals, which help guide their course selections. As self-determination is a cornerstone of the ICEI program, students are encouraged to make up their own mind when choosing courses each semester.

BSU ICEI students have enrolled in a variety of courses in many subject areas including:

AnthropologyEnglishPhysical Education
Biological SciencesHealthSociology
Communication StudiesMathematicsTheater Arts
Computer ScienceMusicSpecial Education
Early Childhood EducationNutritionForeign Languages

Academic Support

Education Coaches hired through partnering high school districts accompany ICEI program students to BSU, providing individualized supports as needed. Working together as a team, students and their Ed Coaches define their roles and responsibilities in a Student-Ed Coach agreement. Ed Coaches attend classes with their students, making sure to blend as much as possible while providing academic supports. Ultimately, the goal is for students to become as independent as possible in the classroom and Ed Coaches to fade their support as the year goes on. 

Coordinator Check-in Meetings

Student and Ed Coach teams meet on a regular basis with the ICEI Program Coordinators. Using a Person-Centered Planning (PCP) approach, these meetings revolve around each student’s unique hopes and dreams and ultimate career goals. Students learn how to set short-term goals that will help them work toward the long-term vision they have for their future. ICEI Program Coordinators provide on-going assistance to student and Ed Coach teams as they learn to navigate the world of college courses.