ICEI Career Guidance

ICEI student at work

Bridgewater State University ICEI students work on their own career goals through weekly career check-in meetings, monthly career workshops, and individualized campus internships.

Career Check-In Meetings

All first year students meet with the ICEI Career Specialist to start creating a career path based on their goals and interests. During weekly career check-in meetings, students work on vocational assessments and career exploration. Each student will have a career portfolio for future employment opportunities at the end of the school year.

Career Check-In Meetings include:

  • Individualized Vocational Assessments
  • Practice Applications
  • Resume Building
  • Cover Letter Development
  • Interview Skills

Career Workshops

Monthly career workshops focus on employment values and skills. It is a great opportunity for students to discuss career topics and experiences. Students openly discuss employment scenarios while exploring strategies and solutions; these collaborative opportunities enable ICEI students to independently develop their own career goals.

Career Workshops:

  • Travel Training
  • Dress for Success
  • Proper Etiquette
  • Developing a Resume
  • Mock Interviews


BSU ICEI students are involved in a variety of campus internships where they learn employment skills to help prepare them for paid employment. Using the MA Work-Base Learning Plan, ICEI students, Education Coaches, and the ICEI Career Specialist track and evaluate progress on the job site. Students gain confidence as they monitor their own development throughout the year and build upon their own success.

ICEI Internships on campus:

Art CenterRadio StationCostume Shop
Print ShopMailroomFacilities Management
GreenhouseInformation TechnologyCentral Receiving Office
Fitness CenterUniversity EventTheater Scene Shop