ICEI Residence Life

students on and around a bench outside of residence hall

Students who have successfully completed one year in the ICEI day program may be eligible to apply for the ICEI Residence Life Program.  These students enroll in courses, take part in internships and are fully immersed in BSU’s college life, while still receiving supports from their partnering districts. Students have the opportunity to become more involved in campus clubs, activities, events and organizations. In addition, students are able to work on their independent living skills in a natural, safe environment. Students are supported by the ICEI Residence Life Coordinator, Residence Life Peer Mentors, an ICEI Resident Assistant, and BSU’s Area Coordinator/Resident Director. 

Eligible students must meet a separate set of criteria, including but not limited to: the ability to function independently, recognize/react to emergency situations and display strong self-advocacy skills.