ICEI Social Life

Students playing basketball

BSU ICEI students enjoy everything Bridgewater has to offer by getting involved in campus clubs, activities, events, and organizations. By attending BSU clubs and events, ICEI students make new friends, foster their social and communication skills, and become more independent. ICEI students truly become part of the BSU college community.

Peer Mentors

Every ICEI student is assigned a Peer Mentor, who is a full-time undergraduate student at Bridgewater State University. BSU Peer Mentors help ICEI students assimilate to college life by introducing them to friends, exploring campus, attending events, and encouraging involvement in BSU clubs and activities. By spending time with BSU Peer Mentors, ICEI students gain confidence and independence, work on and develop social skills in a natural setting, and feel socially connected to BSU student life.

Connect Card

The Connect Card is the official Bridgewater State University identification card and ticket to social activities/events! The Connect Card is a multi-purpose card that can be used for:

  • Library privileges
  • Building access
  • As a meal ticket
  • Entrance to Fitness Center  
  • As a debit card—As a debit card, funds may be used at all dining areas, vending machines, laundry machines, public copiers, The Bookstore, Dunkin Donuts (on campus), Starbucks (on campus), purchasing stamps at BSU mailroom, and off-campus with participating merchants.
  • BSU events and activities – i.e. sporting events, theater shows, homecoming, etc.

If you have questions about the Connect Card, please call (508) 531-2897 or e-mail: