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Special Internships

The Washington Center

The Washington Center provides immersive internships and academic seminars in Washington, D.C. to students from hundreds of colleges and universities from across the U.S. and more than twenty-five countries.

This program places juniors and seniors from all majors in full-time internships during fall, spring and summer in Washington D.C. You can receive credit for participating and housing is provided.

Semester in the City

Semester in the City is a fully-credited fellowship program that gives undergraduate students the opportunity to spend a semester in Boston learning hands-on through well-supported internships in the social sector.

This program matches students with internships in social justice in Boston. Optional housing is offered in the city, the program runs both spring and fall semesters, and juniors and seniors can receive credit for participating.

Go International

The Internship Program Office partners with several organizations to offer international internship experiences that places students in an internship abroad, or in major cities across the U.S., during the summer. First year through graduate students can apply and housing is included as well as in-country support and special excursions. The Internship Program Office partners with the following organizations:


Hack.Diversity tackles underrepresentation of minorities in Boston's innovation economy.

Hack.Diversity offers African American and Latinx computer science undergrad and graduate students with training, professional development and paid internships in Boston. This program spans the spring semester and extends into the summer.

Aspire Works

Massachusetts General Hospital's Aspire Works program is expanding from its Internship Program to include employer and participant-based programs that help individuals navigate aspects of the work environment, gain on-the-job skills and create a culture of success.

Aspire Works provides students, with a high cognitive autism spectrum disorder or a related social profile, real-world work experience. Participants receive coaching, professional development and placement in an internship in their field.