Dr. Donald Running - Music Education

Dr. Donald Running

Bass trombonist Dr. Donald Running enjoys living in Bridgewater, only a 20-minute walk from campus. It seems fitting for the assistant professor of music to live close to his work because he is on campus a lot, playing a number of different roles.

Born in Duluth, MN, Dr. Running earned his master's degree and PhD in music education at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, where he was a teaching assistant for music fundamentals, rock and roll history and music-in-film courses; served as a chamber music coach and ensemble conductor; and worked as an undergraduate peer adviser.

That enthusiasm seems to have traveled with Dr. Running to Bridgewater, where he fulfills three roles: conductor for the wind ensemble and jazz bands; professor for music courses; and professor of non-major courses where he encourages students who aren’t music majors to think and write critically about music. "I want my students to walk away with a greater appreciation for music's artistic value, personal value, intellectual value and value to the community," he says. "And if I'm missing one of those four things, then something has to change."