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New Academic Programs for 2020-2021


  • Photonics (Coming Fall 2021)
    For the first time ever BSU is offering an engineering degree in Photonics and Optical Engineering. This degree will prepare students for the next generation of quantum computing.

Continuing Studies

  • Management Online, BS, General Management concentration
  • Spanish, BA (Evening/Continuing Studies Program)
    Explore our Spanish program and gain practical working knowledge of the Spanish language and a deeper understanding of the Spanish speaking people and their culture.


  • MEd in Higher Education Administration
    Examine the purpose, structure, governance and operation of various areas of leadership in higher education and gain the skills to excel in mid- to upper-level leadership roles in higher education.
  • Cybercriminology and Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate
    Explore cutting-edge approaches to policy and the ethics of cybersecurity, combined with criminological theory and practical concerns to support digital investigation.
  • Online Course Design Certificate Program
    Explore BSU’s Online Course Design Certificate Program where students will learn the skills and competencies to deliver virtual learning experiences upon graduation.
  • MSW on Saturdays (Coming Fall 2021)

Early Admission programs*

Explore the possibility of earning your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years by applying to the Early Admission Program. BSU has introduced several new opportunities for current undergraduate students working towards a Masters' degree. Programs include:

*BSU students only