Study Abroad Spotlight: Evan Abreu, ’19

Greece, great. Friends made along the way, even better.

Evan Abreau studies in Greece

After hearing about group advising sessions from one of his friends, Evan Abreu, ’19, decided to attend one to see if studying abroad was an option for him.

“I’d always wanted to study abroad but I didn’t really know how,” said the communication studies major with a concentration in film, video, and media.

Going into his senior year, Evan knew he wouldn’t be able to do a full semester abroad, so he set his sights on the short 2- to 3-week study tours held during breaks. He immediately knew he wanted to go to Greece as soon as he saw that it was one of the options for the upcoming summer. Just like that, he applied, and began packing his bags.

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The archeological sites and museums Evan and his fellow travelers saw in Greece were interesting to say the least. Not to mention the views he enjoyed in places like Rhodes, Karpathos, and Athens, places Evan had always wanted to see. One of the group’s hikes was up Mount Olympus, a place rife with mythological meaning

But even that couldn’t compare to how many great new friends he made over the course of those couple of weeks.

Evan Abreau studies in Greece

“Hands down, my favorite part of the trip was the people,” Evan said.

Even though he was the only male on the trip, other than his professor and their tour guide, he viewed this as a positive thing. Not only did he get his own room in every hotel, but it also made it easier to talk to and become friends with everyone. When during the trip, some things did not go according to plan, everyone was comfortable enough with each other that it was easy for everyone to go with the flow and enjoy the unexpected turn of events.

“If you’re truly not sure about studying abroad, just go for it… Know that it’s not going to be perfect, but it is going to be fantastic,” Evan said.

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(Story by BSU student Alyssa Raymond)