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BSU Votes Employee Resources

Coping with Stress

"Navigating the 2020 Election Outcome with Your Employees"  (The Diversity Movement)
"What is Election Stress Disorder?" (CBS News)
"How to Deal With Election Anxiety" (Psychology Today)
"4 Ways to Grapple With Election Anxiety and Stay Sane" (Psychology Today)
"How to Handle the Stress Between Now and Election Day" ( Healthline)
"Stressed About the Elections? 5 Tips to Get You Through" (Cleveland Clinic)

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has several learning modules for employees and supervisors that explore the topics of navigating difficult conversations and how to handle political discussions in the workplace, including a specific set of resources on navigating election season at work 

All employees are able to access these modules by signing in to LinkedIn Learning  or creating an account to gain access.

LinkedIn Learning Tutorial


All employees have access to EAP services provided by Mass4You . Employees are able to browse this site as a guest or can elect to register and create a personalized account. To browse as a guest, employees can use the access code mass4you.

Mass4You info flyer
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