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Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies Programs

The Instititute for Cape Verdean Studies develops a number of programs throughout the academic year.
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The Cape Verdean Studies minor is designed for undergraduate students and seeks to provide students with the necessary academic preparation to better understand the social, cultural and historical contributions of the people of Cape Verde to the local, regional and national contexts of the U.S.

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The Annual Conference features themes and panels on Education and Language, Technology and Innovation, Culture and Social Integration, Transnationality, Music, Law and Social Justice, and Literature and Literacy.
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The Institute celebrates and honors the life and work of the visionary Amilcar Cabral. Scholars, leaders and community are invited to participate in workshops or seminars for discussions and learning on his legacy.
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In collaboration with the English Language Institute (ILI) Dana Mohler-Faria at the University of Cape Verde, professionals from different backgrounds have the opportunity to improve their communication skills in English in a two-week program at BSU.
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The Institute annually receives 15 international candidates who participate in workshops, seminars and site visits that cover a variety of leadership topics.