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High school students touring the inside of an Earthview globe

The EarthView Workshop is designed for high school students who are becoming college-ready. The Workshop engages students looking at careers in earth science, GIS, environmental and cultural studies and is designed to fit the trending 21st Century Learning and Career Conferences. The EarthView Workshop includes up to five topics, each of which includes a power point presentation, a tour of the EarthView globe through the lens of each focus area, and an enrichment activity supporting that topic. 

Workshops can accommodate 25 students per topic, with each topic running approximately 50-60 minutes, including enrichment activities as time permits. The entire EarthView Workshop is designed to take place during a school day. A projector with audio and a screen are needed for power point presentations. Also chairs for the audience and tables for supporting materials are required.

Middleborough High School's 21st Century Learning Conference

EarthView offered workshops at Middleborough High School's 21st century learning conference. In this video, Principal Paul Branagan describes the learning objectives for this conference.

Workshop Topics

EarthView Tour: The Earth as a Beautiful Classroom
We invite you to tour the world in our portable geography classroom, EarthView Globe! This general geography topic will take us around the world as we cover projections, scale, and extremes on earth. Time permitting, we discover the use of stereoscopes and create a paper globe.

Environmental Geography
Today more than ever our planet needs good earth ambassadors. This topic is for anyone interested in the environment, resource studies, sustainability and global human interaction to affect change. Time permitting, we will learn about Wangari Maathai and plant a Moringa Tree.

Geography Education: Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
This fun and eye-opening topic will examine the importance of geography education, geography literacy and the many connections geography has to other areas of study and careers. Time permitting; we will test our geographic knowledge with a trivia competition.

GIS: The Art and Science of Mapping
Geography is more than a classroom globe or maps of continents and oceans. We will look at the powerful way Geographic Information Systems can help analyze, interpret and present relationships and patterns in our research data. Time permitting, we will make a paper “GIS” map. 

Human Geography
We will look at the social science aspects of geography as it relates to people and place. This topic looks at culture, music, art, history, language, etc. Time permitting; we will tour and sample food from around the world and view an interactive photographic display.

Reserve EarthView Workshop

Currently, we are not scheduling either EarthView or floor map school visits.