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COVID-19 Rapid Testing FAQs

COVID-19 Rapid Testing Locations:

Rapid tests for COVID-19 are available:

  • RSU Info Desk
  • Tinsley Center Front Desk
  • Wellness Center

Additional rapid test pick-up locations through 1/27:

  • All dining halls
  • Student Accounts – Boyden 107
  • IT Divisional Office – Boyden 209
  • RSU Information Desk – Ground Floor
  • Commuter Services – RSU Ground Floor
  • DMF Atrium – Ground Floor
  • Ritesh Chandra IT Service Center – Maxwell Ground Floor
  • Circulation Desk – Maxwell 1st floor
  • Welcome Center Atrium
  • Moakley Atrium
  • Burnell Atrium
  • Tinsley Front Desk
  • Wellness Center – Weygand Hall
  • Commuter Lounge – Weygand Hall
  • BSU Police Station – Operations Center (available 24/7)

Find BSU Locations on the Campus Map

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COVID-19 Rapid Testing Kits and Expiration Dates:

Please check this page for information on how to use and interpret rapid COVID tests:


iHealth COVID-19 Rapid Test

iHealth rapid test expiration dates are in either December 2022 or January 2023. Any tests with a 6/2022 date are expired. Any tests with a 7/xx/2022 date will be expired on that same day in January 2023. Please use this link to check the updated expiration dates for iHealth tests:


Celltrion COVID-19 Rapid Test

These tests have expiration dates that should last longer into the Spring and will be the primary tests in use as we begin the Spring 2023 semester. Please use this link to check the updated expiration dates for Celltrion tests:


Flowflex COVID-19 Rapid Test

Flowflex tests, unlike our previous brands, have just ONE TEST per box. These tests will have extended expiration dates that should last through the start of the Fall of 2023, and will be available on campus once we have exhausted our supply of Celltrion tests above.