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COVID 19: Contact Tracing Process

In order to support the Bridgewater State University’s Safe Return Plan for the 2020-2021 AY, the BSU community has crafted a robust COVID-19 training, testing, and tracing protocol. The protocol is designed to protect the privacy of individuals that are impacted by the tracing and testing process. This page provides an outline of the tracing process adopted by the institution and its partners. The document and identified protocols are reviewed and revised regularly based on new guidance from the United States Centers for Disease Control, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Massachusetts Department of Education, and local and state departments of health. In addition to outlining the tracing process, the document provides information on practices tied to testing and training, where they overlap with tracing.

Contact Tracing Protocol

Contact Tracing Protocol Presentation

Bridgewater has designed a comprehensive multilayered approach to contact tracing to rapidly identify and notify individuals potentially exposed to COVID-19. 

View BSU Contact Tracing Protocol (pdf)






Contact Tracing and the Bridgewater Board of Health

health personnel taking a visitor's temperature

The Bridgewater State University Contact Tracing Team (BSUCTT) maintains regular communication with the Bridgewater Board of Health (BBoH) and the Contact Tracing Collaborative University/College Liaison program (UCL). Based on Massachusetts Department of Public Health issued guidance on models for collaboration, the BSUCTT and BBoH/UCL operate under “Model C Integrated Collaboration.” In this model, the BSUCTT handles the testing and tracing of all students on the campus and allows the BBoH access to the CareEvolve testing database as needed. BBoH/UCL maintains all responsibility for adding tracing data into the Mass State MAVEN system, though it is worth noting that all on-campus asymptomatic testing performed through the Broad Institute will also be reported to MAVEN by the Broad testing process. This document is shared with BBoH and BSU coordinates communication with BBoH public health nurse, April Panos, which includes orientation to BSU reporting systems. Regular communication about the dates and times of on-campus testing, as well as ongoing contact tracing efforts, include the following individuals:

  • Chris Frazer, Executive Director of Wellness
    Bridgewater State University
  • Kelsey Davis, Coordinator of Contact Tracing
    Bridgewater State University
  • Sally Tyre, Mass CTC UCL Liaison for BSU
  • Eric Badger, Director
    Bridgewater Board of Health
  • April Panos, Public Health Nurse
    Bridgewater Board of Health

The Management of Contact Tracing By BSUCTT

The following sections of this document outline the tracing process and related tools administered directly by BSU through the BSUCTT. The processes are modified and improved based on new government guidance as it is made available.

Contact Tracing Team Roles and Responsibilities

There are several roles within the contact tracing team. Contact tracing can be done from the employee’s home office or on campus workspace provided that there is a private area for making calls. There is no expectation of direct interaction with individuals impacted by COVID.

  1. Contact Tracing Managers: These individuals coordinate the ‘cases’ of COVID by supervising the CTCallers and documenting the process in the Contact Tracing Team site.
  2. Contact Tracing Callers: Callers are responsible for communication with the students identified as having some ‘close contact’ risk. Timely documentation of calls, as well as thorough interviews with individuals called, are central to this role.

Training Required

All CT team members are asked to understand the overall process of tracing from initial COVID+ student to collection of contacts through BSU IT Contact Tracing Apparatus to the reporting and documentation process.

  • Contact Tracing Callers are required to take the free online Coursera Contact Tracing course (approx. 6 hours). Instructions for proper documentation of calls are provided by the Contact Tracing team leaders and all callers are supervised by a CT Manager.
  • Contact Tracing Managers are responsible for regular review and maintenance of the COVID cases within MS Teams. This includes review of the contact tracing interviews and documentation of the proper initiations of the BSU IT Contact Tracing apparatus.

BSU Information Technology Contact Tracing Apparatus

Safe Scan QR sign

Bridgewater State University has designed a comprehensive multi-layered approach to contact tracing to rapidly identify and notify individuals potentially exposed to COVID-19. The purpose of this document is to detail the specific roles, responsibilities, and action steps that the Contact Tracing Team will follow when carrying out a contact tracing exercise.

Contact Tracing Data Sources

The following data sources are used in BSU’s contact tracing methodology:

  • SafeSwipe – The Information Technology Division has developed a contact tracing application to quickly “check-in” students, faculty or staff as they visit offices or other locations on campus. Individuals can be checked in by swiping their BSU Connect Card or by providing their username or Banner ID. Information logged includes the person’s first and last name, email address, phone number, date and time, building and room number. Non-BSU community members (guests and vendors) can also be manually checked-in by providing the same information. Data is automatically purged after a period of twenty (20) days.
  • SafeScan – The BSU Mobile App is used by 97% of students on the BSU campus and has native Quick Response (QR) Code scanning functionality which can be used for contact tracing purposes – we’re calling it SafeScan. QR codes have been generated for approximately 500 locations across campus. Language on the SafeScan signs encourage users to re-scan a minimum of every hour.
  • CCURE – All building access (administrative buildings and residence halls) is controlled by CCURE, the university’s door access control system. Access is granted by scanning students and employees’ BSU Connect Card which is logged in the CCURE database and will be queried for contract tracing purposes. Some interior doors are also controlled by card access.
  • Blackboard Transaction System (BBTS) – All dining transactions, including vending machines, are processed and logged via BBTS. Students and employees use their BSU ID to pay for meals in dining halls or at vending machines across campus. All transactions are stored in the BBTS database, which will be queried for contract tracing purposes.
  • Banner (Registration) – Ellucian Banner serves as the institution’s Student Information System (SIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. Banner will be queried to obtain student class registration information and the faculty member teaching the course.
  • Fitness Center – The Fitness Center administers a check-in application through their third-party vendor to grant access to the fitness center.
  • Direct Communication – The Wellness Center and the BSUCTT will contact individuals directly to ask questions regarding their whereabouts to identify individuals not included in the data sources above.

Contact Tracing Process

The following process is followed immediately upon being notified of an individual infected or possibly exposed to COVID-19 on the BSU campus. The Wellness Center is responsible for initiating all contact tracing exercises at BSU.


Process Start

Step 1: The Wellness Center via the Contact Tracing Manager will contact the individual (if contact hasn’t already been established) infected with COVID-19 to obtain the following information:

  • The individual’s whereabouts for the past 20 days
  • Locations visited (dates and approximate times) on-campus in the past 20 days

Step 2: The Contact Tracing Manager or designee sends an email to the email distribution list,, to initiate a contact tracing exercise using the email template below:
From: Contact Tracing Manager or designee
Subject: COVID-19 Contact Tracing Exercise
Message: The Wellness Center requests contact tracing reports for the following individual(s).

Step 3: The Contact Tracing Manager or designee will obtain contact tracing reports from the following sources:

  • SafeSwipe
    • Primary: Cheri Amaral
    • Backup: Chris Frazer
  • SafeScan
    • Primary: Matt Miller
    • Backup: TBD
    • Primary: David Gavigan
    • Backup: Chris Grahn
  • BBTS
    • Primary: Sue Diniz
    • Backup: Michelle Cardoza
  • Banner
    • Primary: Joe Wolk
    • Backup: Michelle Santos
  • Fitness Center
    • Primary: Dan Rezendes
    • Backup: Jeanne O’Brien

Step 4: The Contact Tracing Manager or designee will analyze all data sources to identify a master list of individuals to be contacted regarding possible exposure to COVID-19.

Step 5: The Contact Tracing Manager or designee will contact any individuals that may be designated as “close contacts” of the individual with COVID-19. The Wellness Center will provide recommended next action steps for potentially exposed individuals.

Step 6: The Contact Tracing Manager or designee will enter a record the MS Teams Contact Tracing channel to track communication and documentation related to the active case.

Process End


Roles and Responsibilities for BSU Contact Tracing Process

The list below identifies specific roles and responsibilities with respect to this contact tracing process.

  • Contract Tracing Manager (Christopher Frazer) – The Contact Tracing Manager is responsible for the end-to-end execution of this process. The Contact Tracing Manager may designate this role to another member within the Wellness Center on a case-by-case basis. The Contact Tracing Manager is also responsible for leading the Contact Tracing Team.
  • Process Owner (Christopher Frazer) – The Process Owner is responsible for ensuring that this process works as expected by consistently delivering the expected result and in a timely manner.  
  • BBTS Representative (Susan Deniz) – The BBTS Representative is responsible for running contact tracing reports in BBTS upon the request of the Contact Tracing Manager.
  • CCURE Representative (David Gavigan) – The CCURE Representative is responsible for running contact tracing reports in CCURE upon the request of the Contact Tracing Manager.
  • SafeScan Representative (Matthew Miller) - The SafeScan Representative is responsible for running contact tracing reports in SafeScan upon the request of the Contact Tracing Manager.
  • University Police Representative (Matthew Rushton) – The University Police Representative is responsible for serving as a backup to the CCURE Representative.
  • Information Technology Representative (Kelley Baran) – The Information Technology representative serves as the central point-of-contact for any information technology needs and will channel requests accordingly.
  • Registrar Representative (TBD) – The Registrar Representative will serve as the central point of contact for any student class/registration information.
  • Contact Tracing Team – The following individuals serve as members of the Contact Tracing Team which is led by the Contact Tracing Manager.

SafeScan QR Code Building Signs & Locations Spring 2021

This section outlines locations of QR code locations for Spring 2020. These are modified to improve tracing outcomes as changes in regulations or planning occur.

Art 2nd Floor Graphics Lab
Art Building
Athletics Outdoor Event 1
Athletics Outdoor Event 2
Athletics Outdoor Event 3
Athletics Outdoor Event 4
Athletics Outdoor Event 5
Barry House
Boyden Hall
Burnell 101
Burnell 102
Burnell 118 VL Office
Burnell Hall
Bus 1 - Gillig 506B
Bus 2 - Gillig 1901
Bus 3 - Cuttaway 1010
Bus 4 - Cuttaway 2001
Bus 5 - Cuttaway 2002
Bus 6 - Cuttaway 2003
Bus 7 - Mini-Bus G256
Bus 8 - Mini-Bus H313
Catholic Center
Clifford House
DMF Science & Math Center Dunn
Gates House
Harrington Hall
Horace Mann
Hunt 101
Hunt 109
Hunt 11
0 Hunt 209
Hunt 210
Hunt Hall
Jones House
Kelly Gym
Maxwell Library
Minnock Center
Moakley 220
Moakley Center
Rondileau Student Union
Tillinghast Hall
Welcome Center
Weygand Hall