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COVID 19: Fall 2022 Update

Wednesday 10/26/2022

Subject: COVID-19 Update – October 26, 2022


As we reach the halfway mark of the semester, BSU continues to fare very well in containing and managing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to remind students and employees of our requirements and good health practices and are seeing strong compliance with the university’s vaccine and masking mandates.

Below are some updates on vaccination rates and the distribution of boosters, tests and masks.

Vaccination Rates:

Students: 93.2%
Employees: 96.5%

These rates significantly exceed the vaccine rates in Plymouth and Bristol Counties where 73.7% and 68.7% of the population respectively have completed their primary vaccine series.

Booster Vaccines:

BSU has administered 339 of the new bivalent COVID-19 booster shots.

Being vaccinated and boosted is proven to be effective in protecting people from the COVID-19 virus and the Omicron variant. If you wish to make an appointment for the new on campus, please choose the first link on the COVID-19 page. We have plenty of boosters available and this is the best way to protect yourself from current variants.

Rapid Tests:

The university has distributed 3,430 rapid test kits since September 1, 2022


BSU has distributed the following quantities of masks since September 1, 2022, at no cost to members of our campus community.

  • Masks: 825
  • KN95 Masks: 280
  • Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) N95 Masks: 81

Thank you for your continued vigilance in protecting your own health and the health of others in our community.