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Safe Return: Return to Mainly In-Person Classes

BSU Safe Return Fall 2021 banner

Bridgewater Announces Plans to Return to Mainly In-Person Classes in Fall 2021

Tuesday 4/6/2021

Bridgewater State University plans to return to a pre-COVID mix of face-to-face, online and hybrid courses in the Fall semester 2021. The majority of undergraduate day classes will be conducted in-person and on-campus. Students will still have a wide array of choices, including fully face-to-face classes, hybrid classes involving a mixture of in-person and online elements, and fully online classes (both synchronous and asynchronous).

The Fall 2021 class schedule recognizes the importance of getting students back into classrooms with their professors and peers. At the same time, it provides students with some degree of flexibility and choice in how their classes are taught depending on the specific course and/or program. For continuing studies students, the university will continue to include both the traditional complement of in person courses and the online and hybrid course sections that accommodate busy schedules. For graduate students, the schedule will be based on the requirements of the specific program.

As has been our guiding principle throughout the pandemic, the safety of our campus community comes first, and all final decisions will comply with public health guidance from both the state and federal levels. The increasing rate of vaccinations gives us confidence that we will be able to return to close to a pre-COVID environment in which the majority of our teaching, learning, and student life experiences will occur in-person and on campus in the Fall 2021.

As previously announced, for the second consecutive year BSU is freezing tuition and fees for both undergraduate and graduate students – providing them and their families with one of the most affordable college educations in all of New England.