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COVID-19: FAQs Regarding Testing

The following is designed to help answer the most frequently asked questions sent to This email is monitored, but responses can be delayed while we process testing. Please check the BSU COVID-19 FAQ for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

CareEvolve Test Results Questions:

“I didn’t get an email with my results.”

If it is more than 36 hours since you tested and you still do not have your results, check your spam and quarantine folders. The email comes from If you search for that name in your email you will likely find your results email.

“I can’t sign in to the CareEvolve portal”

There are multiple steps to take that may help to fix this issue.

  1. Make sure that you have used the correct email address to enter your account. In most cases this involves removing the “student” from to register.
  2. You also need to make sure to use the zip code we have in your file, which could be either your home address, your local off-campus address or the BSU zip code of 02325.
  3. If no combination of the steps above allows you to enter the patient portal, please contact CareEvolve  for help.
“I’m signed in but can’t see my results”

The area of the results page with the date collected, date reported and provider name is actually the clickable link to your test results. Click on the line with the date you want to review to see those results.

CareEvolve Covid Results Screenshot
“I can’t see all the tests I’ve taken in my results page”

In some cases, a student or employee may have two patient records in the CareEvolve system that need to be merged to keep all the results in one place. Please email the Wellness Center at and let us know that you need your records to be “merged.”

“All my friends got their results already and I don’t have mine. Does that mean I’m COVID- positive?”

In most cases, getting an email with results will mean that you are NEGATIVE for COVID-19. The opposite is not always true since there are at least four possible reasons why you don’t have your test results back yet:

  1. Your results may be processed later than the rest of the tests taken by your fellow students. We have seen some tests come in as late as 8 hours after the first results come in.
  2. You have a “Test Not Processed” result (TNP) which is a lab error in processing your test. You will be contacted to come in and re-test.
  3. You have an “INVALID” test, which means that there was an insufficient sample on the swab. You will be contacted to come in and re-test.
  4. You may be positive for COVID. Whenever there is a positive test, you will be contacted as early as possible after we receive your results.

Testing Times and Sign Up Questions:

“I’m a non-resident student or employee of BSU. How do I get the link to sign up for testing?”

As non-resident students and employees make up only a small percentage of our weekly testing, you don’t need to sign up for a time as long as you’re coming to be tested during one of our testing days – Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:00am-4:00pm.

“I can’t come on Tuesday or Wednesday, can I still be tested?”

If you live on campus and are due to be tested on Tuesday or Wednesday, you must be tested with your Cohort. If you are an employee or commuter please email with the following information:

  1. A detailed description of why you cannot come in during test site hours

  2. Attestation that you are:
    a. symptom free
    b. not a close contact of someone with COVID
    c. not in Quarantine or Isolation right now
  3. Days and times during the week that you are available to test. All tests MUST be complete by 4:15pm so we can prepare the samples for the courier who then takes them up to Cambridge for processing.
“I missed my test time when can I get another test.”

All resident students are expected to show up for testing during their allotted time. It is very difficult for the Wellness Center to accommodate testing outside of the weekly timing of 9:00am-4:00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make every effort to be tested at the time you have signed up for; this is an ongoing expectation for and should not be missed. If you have missed your opportunity to be tested, you should be tested the following week, even if that is not your cohort. (Please note you will NOT receive an email to sign up for a time slot as it will be the off week. You would simply report to the testing site between 9:00am-4:00pm to be tested) You should then test again the subsequent week to stay on track with your original cohort. It is also important to note that there are no ‘walk-ins’ for COVID-19 testing at the Wellness Center.

“I missed my test. Can I bring in test results from off campus?”

No. Resident students are required to test on campus and an off-campus test will not be accepted as a substitute for regular cohort testing. Please see the information above for instructions related to missing your testing day.

“I signed up with the Sign Up Genius link, but now I need to change my test time”

You can change the time you signed up for on the Sign Up Genius form by clicking the “change your sign up” link found at the top of the sign up form. Please read all the instructions before contacting us for help, as you can change this without our assistance.

Covid Results Edit Sign Up Screenshot

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