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BSU’s Response to In-Home Learning Opportunities

Thank you for thinking of and reaching out to Bridgewater State University. We recognize this is a very difficult time for working parents with so much unknown heading into the new school year.

BSU posts internships and full-time professional positions that require a Bachelor’s degree within a commercially zoned building. Unfortunately, we are unable to post opportunities in residential locations due to liability issues. For more information on our Recruitment Policies & Procedures please visit our employer services page

Families who are seeking teachers or tutors to work with children in the home, as part of learning pods, or to supplement remote learning are encouraged to check out the sample resources below which offer help in supporting and managing your family’s educational needs at home.

Sample Resources

Bridgewater State University does not endorse any of these sites. They are simply resources gathered from communication with other colleges and universities receiving similar requests. The responsibility is on the parent/family to research each site, identify terms of service, potential fees, and determine what will work best for their unique needs. 

If you decide to participate in an in-home learning experience, whether as a parent or as a teacher/tutor, please take into consideration some thoughts below in addition to your individual needs:


  • Discuss background checks (CORI & SORI)
  • Discuss COVID-19 testing and contact tracing
  • Provide safe working and learning environment for teacher and children
  • Provide or require PPE and cleaning supplies (masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, etc.)
  • Understand that you are responsible for the health and safety of individuals in your home
  • Discuss any special educational needs that children may have


  • Discuss safety precautions, procedures, and policies
  • Discuss and confirm wage, hours per week, start and end date
  • Identify where the teaching is taking place, number of children, curriculum, and daily expectations 
  • Ask for a written and signed agreement for terms of employment