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COVID-19: Mandatory Training for the Safe Return of Employees

From:     Keri Powers , Vice President for Human Resources & Talent Management

Date:      June 12, 2020

Re:          Employee Guidance and Mandatory Training for the Safe Return of Employees


Please read guidance for employees regarding the gradual repopulation of campus. The phased approach to repopulating the campus will occur over time, be controlled and coordinated to mitigate potential risks, and will ensure the safety of all employees. Divisional leadership and department directors are determining the gradual return of employees to campus and will be in contact with you concerning your return, if they have not already done so.

Regardless of when, employees returning to campus will be asked to read the Safe Return Training document and acknowledge their review of the content and relevant CDC guidance, as well as attest to the university’s Code of Public Health.  This must be completed by all employees before their return to campus. This training includes important health & safety protocols identified within the Governor’s Reopening Plan. Topics to be addressed will include:

  • Stay at Home When Sick
  • Maintain Physical Distance
  • Wear Face Coverings & Masks
  • Practice Good Hygiene

A link to the training may be found here:  

Please review each step carefully as you will be required to attest to your understanding and anticipated compliance with these guidelines upon returning to campus.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Suzzette Chaves at