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COVID 19: Spring Semester COVID Health Protocols For Employees - A Message from President Clark

Monday 12/12/2022

Subject: Spring Semester COVID Health Protocols - A Message from President Clark 


Dear Faculty, Librarians and Staff:

As we near the end of the Fall semester, I first want to thank you for all you have done to protect the campus from the COVID-19 virus; our protocols are working well and keeping our community as safe as possible. Accordingly, we will be extending this semester’s protocols into the Spring semester. Below, we have outlined those requirements.

Free rapid test kits have been delivered to departments across campus and I encourage you to pick up a free kit and, as an added precaution, to take a test if you feel symptomatic and/or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus. We also have tests available at the Tinsley Center and RSU. Please see below for days and times (expanded distribution of free rapid tests for commuter and residential students will occur beginning this week).

We also encourage everyone who is eligible to get the bivalent “booster” vaccine, which is effective against the Omicron variants of COVID.

BSU’s COVID-19 webpage has all the information you need about BSU’s requirements, to sign up for a booster vaccination, to report a positive test result, and attest to being vaccinated.

Spring 2023 Protocols


  • Mask Optional Campus. BSU will continue to be mask optional throughout most of the campus.
  • Classrooms/Instructional Spaces. As was the case this semester, masks will be required for students in all classrooms and instructional spaces during scheduled class times. Faculty continue to have the option of NOT requiring mask wearing in their classes.
  • Wellness Center. Masks will continue to be required in the Wellness Center, as they are in all health care settings in Massachusetts.
  • Single-Occupancy Offices. Employees have the option of requiring that a mask be worn in their individual single-occupancy offices.
  • Supplies. Free medical procedure masks will be available throughout the Spring semester to all members of the BSU community.


  • Vaccination Requirement. All members of the campus community are required to be vaccinated with an FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Current Employees. If you are a current employee who has already attested to your vaccination status or previously requested and received an exemption from the vaccination mandate, you do NOT need to take any further action for the Spring semester.
  • New Employees. All new employees are required to be up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccines and can attest to being vaccinated here.
  • Medical/Religious Exemption. If you require an exemption, please complete the appropriate form below. If you have any questions about religious or medical exemptions, please contact the Equal Opportunity Office at


  • Residence Halls. Students who will live in BSU residence halls will need to provide evidence of a negative COVID test (rapid tests are acceptable) prior to moving into residence halls for the Spring semester. Students can upload results here.
  • Free rapid test kits will be available to the BSU community through the Wellness Center and at other on-campus distribution sites throughout the Spring semester.
  • We ask that all members of our campus community who are COVID-positive or want to report exposure to COVID, please complete our COVID 19 reporting form.

Rapid Test Distribution (Prior to Winter Break)

Tinsley Center, Front Lobby:

  • Monday - Friday from 7am - 10pm
  • Saturday from 10am - 5pm
  • Sunday from 3pm - 10pm

RSU, Info Desk (through December 16; new days/times starting December 17 will be shared later):

  • Monday - Saturday from 7:30am - 11pm
  • Sunday from 1pm - 11pm

I wish you all a joyous holiday season and new year. Thank you once again for working together to keep our campus healthy and safe.

Warmest regards,

Frederick W. Clark Jr., Esq.