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COVID 19: Student Employment Spring 2021 Updates

Student Employment Spring 2021 updates

The Student Employment program for Spring 2021 will continue to be the same modified program as fall 2020.

*New Hires: We are beginning to process new hires through an electronic onboarding system. New hires will be notified of the need to complete paperwork online and upload the necessary ID’s. Virtual verifications will be completed after the paperwork has been submitted. Students will not be permitted to begin work until all paperwork and appointments have been completed.

*Remote Workplans: All work plans for remote students, and students who will have the capability to work remote if the need arises, should be submitted upon hire. Workplans submitted for the fall will be carried over for the Spring semester and will only need to be re-submitted if there is a change to the original plan.

Semester Work Dates

  • Non-Work Study — December 18 through May 15, 2021
  • Work Study — January 27 through May 3, 2021
  • Graduate Assistant — January 25 through May 3, 2021

Position Options

  • On-campus jobs — students may work on-campus bearing in mind the office capacity is currently 25% including all full-time staff and student(s).
  • Remote jobs — students perform work in a telecommute capacity with a workplan in place with deliverables/documentation of work performed.
  • Blend jobs — positions that can change from on-campus work to remote if circumstances arise and campus moves to remote only.

Post Positions for Spring

  • Complete the position request in PeopleAdmin as you would normally including all job duties for the position.
  • Each position will need to be designated as either on campus, remote, or a blend in case of emergency (if applicable).
  • Link to COVID Risk Policy will be added to all student positions.
  • Remote/Blend positions will require:
    • Workplan submitted at hire.
    • Deliverable or documentation of work performed will be required to be maintained by the student employee supervisor in case of audit.

New Requirements for Student Positions

  • Safety protocols must be followed.
    • Healthy to report to work.
    • Space available for work.
    • Everyone feels safe working.
  • Safety training completed by all.
  • Both Non-Work Study and Work Study students are eligible to work remote with applicable job duties.

Continued Requirements for Student Employees

  • Must be a Matriculated Student in a degree program (Undergraduate)
  • Satisfactory academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or above)
  • Enrolled in at least 6 credits

Restrictions for Student Employees

  • Students must not work during scheduled class times.
    • Supervisors must maintain the class schedules for each employee.
    • This is a federal regulation and must be followed even when classes are canceled.
  • Cannot work over 20 hours per week (all positions combined).

Student Employment Pay Range

The current pay range for student positions is $13.50 (minimum wage) to $16.50 per hour. 

Please be aware, work study students have a set financial aid award amount and the number of hours available for work can be calculated from the hourly rate. For non-work study, there are department budget considerations and you must only hire the number of vacancies approved by Budget.

Student Communication

Just as a reminder, we cannot stress enough the importance of communication and more so now while we are working both on campus and remotely. As a supervisor, you have the responsibility of communicating with your student employees. If your student is working remotely, you must be in contact with the student regarding assignments and documentation of the work as well as Payroll deadlines.

Student Employment Office

Student Employment will be working remotely. Please call or email the office at for any inquiries.

Office of Student Employment
Boyden Hall Room 103
131 Summer St
Bridgewater, MA 02325
Phone: 508-531-1232