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COVID 19: Update from Week 1

Bridgewater State University has had a successful start to the fall semester. As reported last week, we had three positive COVID-19 results out of 1,883 tests administered – a very low .16 percent, compared to the state positive rate of 1.0 percent during the same time frame. The vast majority of our students and other members of the BSU community are making good decisions related to being healthy and safe, and fully complying with our mandates around physical distancing, wearing of face coverings and avoiding large gatherings.

Unfortunately, there have been a few students who have made behavioral choices that put others at risk. Specifically, the University was informed over the holiday weekend of a couple of "house parties" in close proximity to the BSU campus alleging violations of the Student Code of Conduct related to " requirements or public health orders in place to reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease."

Staff from the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management are actively investigating these reports of parties, working to identify the hosts and attendees, as well as working with the Town of Bridgewater in identifying responsible landlords. A communication concerning these parties was sent this Monday to all students, restating that there is no tolerance for such behaviors that put our community at risk and reemphasizing the expectations, responsibilities, and accountability that students, and everyone in our BSU community, have to each other and the larger BSU community. The students involved in the weekend parties will be receiving additional communication and appropriate follow-up by the Office of Community Standards.