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COVID-19: Vaccination Clinic Information

The BSU Wellness Center is an authorized COVID-19 vaccination provider, and is prepared to receive and distribute the Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

BSU’s ability to offer the vaccines is entirely dependent on the state providing us with vaccination supplies. To date, BSU has not received vaccine supplies from the state.

All BSU COVID-19 vaccination clinics are conditional on vaccine supply, which will only be confirmed by the Mass. Department of Public Health in the week prior to the clinic. If we do not receive the allocation requested, some appointments may need to be rescheduled until such time as we have the appropriate amount of vaccine on hand.

Once we receive confirmation of our vaccine allotment, we will send a sign up link by email to all eligible BSU community members who filled out the BSU Vaccination Eligibility survey sent 2/16. We will continue to keep those who have completed the survey updated with regard to vaccination supplies.

Vaccine distribution phase:

Please check's Covid-19 Vaccination Phases  for the current vaccination phase and eligibility requirements to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Massachusetts.


The BSU COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic is located in the Kelly Gym on the West side of campus. Parking is available in the adjacent West Campus Lot (accessible via Park Ave or Plymouth Street/104). The main entryway of the site faces Park Ave., where there are both steps and a ramp to the entrance. Mobility restricted individuals should note any specific concerns when filling out the appointment interest survey so that we may best accommodate that issue.

Campus Map

Kelly Gym

34 Park Avenue
Kelly Gym houses a large and small gym, an olympic-sized swimming pool, a weight room, classrooms and faculty offices.


The BSU COVID-19 Vaccination site will be receiving and distributing the Moderna vaccine. For additional information please review the Moderna EUA fact sheet (pdf)  .

Preparing to get the vaccine:

  • All forms necessary to receive the vaccination will be sent by email along with your link to register for a vaccination appointment. The ‘pre-screening form’ attached to the email should be filled out prior to your arrival. If you have questions about any of the eligibility factors on the pre-screening form, please consult your primary care physician to discuss whether you should receive the vaccine at this time.
  • Please make a note of the date and time of your appointment when you sign up, and plan to arrive as close to that time as possible.
  • On the day of your vaccination please remember to dress appropriately as you will need to expose either your left or right deltoid (shoulder) to receive the vaccination.
  • For all additional information on the Massachusetts COVID Vaccination Plan please check's Vaccine FAQs   .
  • For any questions specific to the COVID-19 vaccination process here at BSU, please contact the Wellness Center ( with the subject line “Vaccine”.