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Dr. Alyssa Deline

Dr. Alyssa Deline
Assistant Professor of Chemical Sciences
Science and Mathematics Center, Room 421
BS, San Diego State University
PhD, Oregon State University
Postdoc, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Alyssa R. Deline joined the Department of Chemical Sciences in Fall 2020. As a chemist and environmental engineer, she studies the development of sustainable materials to address global challenges in environmental contamination, agriculture, and water security. Specifically, Dr. Deline’s research group creates and uses nanomaterials, which are materials with one size dimension that is less than 100 nanometers. The small size of these materials gives them increased surface area, reactivity, and other highly useful properties for solving global challenges. Dr. Deline’s current research projects include the use of biopolymer-based nanoparticles for nutrient delivery to plants, the development of low-cost photocatalysts for visible sunlight-driven water treatment, and the evaluation of nanoparticle mixtures for antimicrobial applications. Dr. Deline is actively seeking student researchers of all levels to join her lab. Interested students can contact her at any time via email.
Area of Expertise
Environmental Chemistry and Engineering, Nanotechnology, Analytical Chemistry