Dr. Boriana Marintcheva - Biological Sciences

Dr. Boriana Marintcheva

With years of experience and published research, Dr. Boriana Marintcheva, a native of Bulgaria, says she views teaching as "a dynamic process of sharing both knowledge and tools for learning." She has much to offer her students as an assistant professor of biological sciences.

Dr. Marintcheva, who lives in Belmont with her husband and 7-year-old son, earned a PhD in molecular biology and genetics from the University of Connecticut Health Center in 2002. Her research has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Journal and the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Currently, her research centers on the T7 bacterial virus.

"I hope that my research will contribute to the understanding of how viruses invade cells and, in the long run, help the development of effective strategies to combat viruses," she says.

Hands-on experience is something Dr. Marintcheva is ready to make available to her students. After the challenging assignments and active participation required for her classes, Dr. Marintcheva believes her students should walk away with the confidence to explore all facets of biology.