Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan - Geography

Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan

Remember when studying geography meant something like naming each continent and pointing out its highest mountains? Thankfully, as the world's stage diversified, so, has the study of geography.

As a member of the Teaching for Inclusive Excellence Committee, Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan is committed, not only to sharing what diversity means to the study of geography, but also joining with others to discover ways in which inclusion can inform any discipline.

Dr. Hayes-Bohanan uses his discipline to illustrate how the study of what some consider an essentially factual discipline easily incorporates inclusion as a core element.

"You find specialty groups within the study of geography," he says. "Sexuality and Space is one specialized study. To explore this phenomenon from the perspective of geographers, we take a look, for example, at Cape Cod and the GLBT community, where people live, how they came to live there...We look at the cultural landscape, the dynamics of a community and how it changes; we look at the kinds of shops, the food in the shops, styles of houses. A biologist, for instance, would do something very different."