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Racial Disparities in the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice System

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

In November 2022, the Juvenile Justice Policy and Data Board (JJPAD) published Racial and Ethnic Disparities at the Front Door of Massachusetts’ Juvenile Justice System: Understanding the Factors Leading to Overrepresentation of Black and Latino Youth Entering the System.

Joined by Melissa Threadgill and Kristine Polizzano from the Massachusetts Office of the Child Advocate and JJPAD this event will highlight the findings of the 2022 report as an important social justice issue for Massachusetts youth and families.

Faculty from the College of Education, School of Social Work, and Department of Criminal Justice will share their perspectives from their respective disciplines and draw connections to the importance of these disparities and the implications for current and future practitioners. 
About the Speakers
Melissa Threadgill and Kristi Polizzano were integrally involved in the writing, release, and follow up for this report, and work closely with other members of JJPAD to use the data to improve the juvenile justice system in Massachusetts.   
About the Panelists
  • Dr. Kevin McGowan, Associate Professor (College of Education and Health Sciences)
  • Dr. Luzi Shi, Assistant Professor (Department of Criminal Justice)
  • Dr. Judith Willison, Retired Associate Professor (School of Social Work) 
Racial Disparities in the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Sys