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February 1, 2012
Just three years after launching in-house flight operations, BSU Aviation has logged its 10,000th hour of accident-free flight instruction. [br] [br]BSU Aviation's Chief Instructor [b]Loren Herren[/b] credits the flight instructors, students, maintenance and administrative support staff, faculty, airport personnel, and FAA representatives for making such an achievement possible. [br] [br]"We got to this point one flight at a time by always keeping our eye on the main thing, which is safe, fun, professionally-oriented flight training," he said. "Nothing about that commitment has changed, nor is it going to. Here's to the next 10,000."[br] [br]BSU flight training takes place year-round at the Aviation Training Center located at the New Bedford Regional Airport. The program allows students to obtain private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument pilot, and flight instructor certificates. The curriculum provides the flight training necessary to operate safely in all types of weather and in the high-density environment of modern airspace.[br] [br]