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April 3, 2012
Asian Pacific Heritage Month begins today with a special edition of the World Cafe and a presentation featuring lectures from several Bridgewater faculty members.[br][br]Held each April, the programming features an array of events all with a single aim.[br][br]"Each year we bring together distinguished scholar lectures, faculty scholarship, and cultural celebrations in recognition of Asian and Asian-American culture and community," said [b]Wing-kai To[/b], professor of history and coordinator of Asian studies.[br][br]Four major themes mark this year's schedule: health, cultural transmission, social policy, and food in Asian communities.[br][br]Highlights of this year's program include [b]Dr. Demin Tao[/b], professor and director of the Institute of Cultural Interaction Studies at Kansai University, Japan, discussing President Abraham Lincoln's reception in Asia.[br] [br][b]Dr. Ka Ho Mok[/b], a well-known scholar of social policy and the dean of arts and sciences at Hong Kong Institute of Education, will give two guest lectures for [b]Dr. Emily Douglas[/b]'s class in social work and Dr. Wing-kai To's class in history.[br] [br][b]Dr. Merry White[/b], distinguished professor of anthropology, from Boston University, who studies urban social spaces and social change in Japan, will speak about her forthcoming book on coffee life in Japan.[br] [br]In addition, faculty from social work and Asian studies are conducting research on community health, alternative medicine, elderly care, and mental health issues for the Asian community. Five faculty members will come together and share their research today, April 4, at 4 p.m.[br] [br]Last, but not least, there will be a symposium featuring visiting scholar Dr. Demin Tao and Asian studies faculty about their research on East Asian studies.[br][br]A full schedule of events, with date, time and locations, follows.
Asia Pacific Heritage Month schedule
Wing-kai To, presenter and organizer of Asian Pacific Heritage Month