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March 15, 2012
Eight students traveled to Guatemala over spring break, bringing with them a large cache of useful items for local residents.[br][br][b]Lynn McMahon[/b] and [b]Cindy Calderon[/b] of Health Services led the trip as part of BSU's Alternative Spring Break program. The program allows diverse groups of students to learn about global and local social justice issues through immersion in communities across the world and engaging in meaningful, direct service during their stay.[br][br]In Guatemala, the students performed a variety of community activities, including working as part of a reforestation project, making cooking stoves for three Mayan families, and painting two rooms in a local school. [br][br]The donations the BSU contingent brought included new pots, pans and cooking utensils, which were given to a group that focuses on the empowerment of women and small business enterprises. [br][br]A business out of Foxboro, We Got Soccer, donated 12 new soccer balls for the trip. The owners of this business are [b]Michael[/b] and [b]Andrea O'Connor[/b], both Bridgewater graduates.[br][br]The participating students were [b]Sebastian Patino[/b], [b]Eileen Lara[/b], [b]Jonathan Cowal[/b], [b]Andrew Baird[/b], [b]Melissa Hughes[/b], [b]Bianca Fonseca[/b] and [b]Joshua Paulson[/b].[br](Submitted)
BSU students pose for a group shot with some local residents
A group of children receive a donated soccer ball from We Got Soccer