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April 17, 2012
A group of Bridgewater State students from the Student Education Association for Massachusetts, along with Professor [b]Nancy Witherell[/b] of the elementary and early education department, spent a day at the Mulcahey Elementary School in Taunton painting and revitalizing the exterior of the facility.[br][br]The volunteer project included the painting of a so-called "peaceful playground" and general landscaping around the school. [br][br]The statewide initiative, called "Outreach to Teach," was funded by a $1,000 grant from the National Education Association.[br][br]Taunton Mayor Tom Hoye also joined in.[br][br]Quote&[br][br]Joining BSU students and alumni and some family members were volunteers from Westfield State University, Nichols College and Stop & Shop.[br][br]Participating on behalf of BSU were [b]Anna Matys[/b], [b]Camille Schulman[/b], [b]Taryn Lagarto[/b], [b]Alaina Primeau[/b], [b]Kathryn Bolduc[/b], [b]Kelly Driscoll[/b], [b]Melanie Mitchell[/b], [b]Emily Harrington[/b], [b]Sara Kolbeck[/b], [b]Laura Kolbeck[/b], [b]Sarah Freudenberg[/b], [b]Kayla Medeiros[/b], [b]Julie Wells[/b], [b]Kimberly Frisoli[/b], [b]Nicole Lynch[/b],[b]Mercedes Harris[/b], [b]John Sugrue[/b], [b]Kayleigh Nieuwenhuis[/b], [b]Jaime Gingras[/b], [b]Lisa Cabral[/b], [b]Matthew Greenstein[/b], [b]Nicole Hire[/b], [b]Meaghan Medeiros[/b], Professor Nancy Witherell, [b]Alyssa Gracia[/b], [b]Matt Haggerty[/b] , [b]Anne Bolduc[/b], [b]Robin Kolbeck[/b], [b]John Freudenberg[/b] and [b]Catherine Freudenberg[/b].[br][br]VIDEO:[br][br]A photo slideshow of the clean-up effort. [br][br]