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April 16, 2012
[b]Dr. Michelle Cox[/b], assistant professor of English, and [b]Dr. Teresa King[/b], associate professor of psychology, each earned a Presidential Award for Distinguished Teaching. [br][br]Now in its seventh year, the annual award recognizes two full-time faculty members who have displayed outstanding performance and innovation in teaching at the graduate or undergraduate level. The professors will each receive a plaque at this semester's eighth annual Awards for Academic Excellence ceremony held April 19 from 3:00-5:00 in Flynn Dining Commons.[br][br]"I'm honored to have been selected for The Presidential Teaching Award," said Dr. King. "I feel very fortunate to be at an institute of higher learning that truly values teaching and makes the students' experience its top priority."[br][br]To present the honor, President [b]Dana Mohler-Faria[/b] paid surprise visits to the recipients' classes in session. Several administrators accompanied the president on his classroom visits: [b]Dr. Howard London[/b], provost and vice president for Academic Affairs; [b]Dr. Andrew Harris[/b], associate provost for Faculty Affairs; and [b]Carleton Donchess[/b], professor of accounting and finance.[br][br]Candidates for the award are nominated by colleagues and students. Criteria for nomination include teaching evaluations, student feedback, course work samples, and a classroom observation by members of a review committee.[br][br]The awards ceremony will honor faculty who have completed significant scholarly publications and creative work, as well as this year's other major academic award recipients (listed below). [br][br]"As we move forward as an institution, it is crucial that we continue to build and maintain a strong sense of collegiality," wrote the president in the awards announcement. "Events such as this provide us with the chance not only to share in the success of our colleagues, but also to remind ourselves that we belong to a dynamic and diverse intellectual community." (Rob Matheson, '07, University Advancement)[br][br][i]Top photo caption: During a suprise classroom visit, Dr. Teresa King (center) stands with (from left) Dr. Andrew Harris, Dr. Howard London, President Dana Mohler-Faria and Professor Carleton Donchess[/i].[br][br][b]Major academic award recipients:[/b] [br][br][ul][br][li]Lifetime Faculty Research Award: [b]Dr. Gregory Chaplin[/b], English[/li][br] [br][li]Class of 1950 Distinguished Faculty Research Award: [b]Dr. Erin O'Connor[/b], History[/li][br][br][li]Dr. V. James DiNardo Award for Excellence in Teaching: [b]Dr. Melissa Niccole Freeburg[/b], Counselor Education[/li][br][br][li]Jordan D. Fiore Award for Social Justice: [b]Dr. Elizabeth Spievak[/b], Psychology[/li][br][br][li]Presidential Award for Diversity and Inclusion: [b]Dr. Sandra Faiman-Silva[/b], Anthropology[/li][br][br][li]Presidential Award for Distinguished Adjunct Teaching: Professor [b]Jennifer Mogg[/b], Philosophy; Professor [b]Katy Whittingham[/b], English[/li][br][br][li]Presidential Award for Excellence in Collaboration to Improve Teaching: [b]Dr. Matthew Salomone[/b], Mathematics and Computer Science; [b]Dr. Stacey Sheriff[/b], English[/li][br][br][li]Presidential Fellowship: Professor [b]Don Tarallo[/b], Art[/li][br][/ul]
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