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December 9, 2015

Another layer of campus security – personalized mobile safety – has been added at Bridgewater State University as students, faculty and staff can download a tailored Rave Guardian application called “BSU Guardian” on their Android or iPhone.


As part of the ongoing commitment to enhance campus safety, the purchase of BSU Guardian augments 50 blue light telephones that are strategically stationed across the 235-acre campus with its unique GPS monitoring application – giving subscribers “their own personal blue light,” said President Frederick W. Clark Jr.


The Bridgewater State University Police Department has also been fitted with a dedicated monitoring station for the Rave Guardian system including its required websites to determine the location of an individual who is making a panic button call via the app by using Google Maps and GPS.


Police will dispatch a sector car to the last known location according to the GPS location and destination address. Simultaneously, police will attempt to contact the person via the app based on information provided in a safety profile established by the user. Police will continue to use all avenues to attempt to locate the individual.


“A primary commitment at Bridgewater State University is the safety of our campus community and we encourage all of our students to download the Rave Guardian app to network with friends and family,” said President Clark. “We want to increase the overall security of our entire student body as well as our faculty and staff.”


Rave Guardian is one of several personal safety options available in a portfolio of products by Rave Mobile Safety of Framingham, which has partnered with preK-12 schools, higher education, and state and local agencies to enable their users to feel safe, secure and connected.


Users set a “safety timer” session to let their assigned guardians monitor their status. Guardians are automatically notified at assigned check-in times. If the timer expires or if the user initiates a panic call, Rave Guardian automatically notifies safety resources. Parents of students can use the app and act as guardians by being invited to their student’s personal safety network and included on timer sessions.


“Even students who may not feel as if they need others to help them feel or stay safe should use the app to be a guardian and help protect their friends,” President Clark said.


The app also features a tip line directly linked to the BSUPD in categories such as harassment/stalking, mental health and suspicious activity. A direct 911 line reaches Smart911-enabled centers nationwide for situations that may arise off campus.


Members of the campus community can download the free Rave Guardian app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Subscribers will be prompted to create a safety profile and enter their BSU email account. Upon responding to a Rave Guardian email, the fully configured and customized BSU Guardian app will be uploaded.



The BSU Guardian app will offer tutorial screens to walk users through its features. One of the first things a new user should do, however, is to invite others into the Guardian network. Complete information about the app – including troubleshooting – is available on www.raveguardian.com. (Story by Eva T. Gaffney, G '01; photo by John Winters)